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Checking Proofs

The Graphic Designer Or Printer Will Ask You To Check All Proofs Throughout The Design Process, And The Final Responsibility Will Lie With The Client Once It Is Approved. With This In Mind It Is Often Useful To Get Someone To Proof Read It; Fresh Eyes Can Spot Fresh Mistakes!


  • Are there any spelling errors?
  • Check all contact details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Confirm any dates or prices.
  • Has the text reflowed?
  • Is the pagination in the right order?
  • Is the trim size correct?
  • Are the photographs sharp and cropped, or scaled as you would like?
  • Are the borders correct, and all elements aligned?
  • Email proofs (or electronic proofs) would normally involve a PDF or JPEG being sent by email for you to check.

Here is some advice to take into account:


  • If the PDF shows the 3mm bleed and crops marks in the corners, be aware that this area will be guillotined off.
  • Edges with heavier areas of ink coverage may be prone to ‘chipping’, so we recommend a laminated finish.
  • The trimming and folding process can produce slight variation throughout the job.


  • ‘Approved – No Changes’ – If you are happy with the artwork, reply confirming you wish to proceed and attach the correct PDF.
  • ‘Approved – Subject To Amendments’ – Reply confirming you wish to proceed and list the changes clearly and unambiguously.
  • ‘Changes / Another Proof Needed’ – Reply listing the changes and request another proof. Changes may incur additional artwork charges.