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Printing Techniques

With 30 years of experience, our master engraver was the last full 5 year apprentice within the trade of engraving. He was indentured to the Worshipful Stationers’ Hall, receiving the Freedom of the City of London. The detailing he can create as he sculpts and models the dies gives them a finesse and quality that is unparalleled within the industry. The Wren Press are the only luxury stationer with our own in-house master engraver.


Our hand-engraved dies are etched onto copper from the original artwork and then hand engraved. They are iconic to The Wren Press, notable for their exceptional quality and luxurious effect. This is the pinnacle in quality printing techniques, and requires exceptional skill and flawless craftsmanship.

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Die Stamping

Die Stamping is particularly effective in metallics, for monograms, crests or logos, but in any order it lends a certain luxury and quality that cannot be replicated. Your bespoke die is hand-engraved by our skilled craftsmen onto a copper plate, achieving extraordinarily detailed images.

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Foil Blocking

A specialty printing process that uses heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film. A popular choice with our customers – particularly gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and holographic metallic foils – but are also available in solid colours in both glossy and matte finishes and create a beautiful effect.

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Blind Embossing

Creating a raised area on the page using a metal die, blind embossing gives a subtly lifted image that can be felt as well as seen. Debossing uses the same technique to create an indentation. A careful choice of paper (avoiding bright whites and very smooth materials) will enhance the effect.

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A truly luxurious option is a metallic bevel edge. The application of foil to the edges of the card gives a unique gleaming touch. More successful on thicker card, the edges are bevelled to give a slightly shaped finish and then the foil is applied by hand in several fine layers.


Our expert finishers can hand-tie from a wide selection of ribbon colours and textures. If you would prefer to provide your own ribbon, please let us know.

Hand-Painted Border

A hand-painted border on cards and paper is a great touch. It is a similar process to edging but with the ink obviously visible on the front of the card, creating a truly personal finish.


You may opt for hand painted coloured edging, to compliment or contrast with the print. This is particularly effective on letterheads and correspondence cards.

Envelope Lining

We are able to hand-line envelopes with coloured tissue or paper to match your invitation or ink colour, giving your product that truly unique touch.


If you would like to contact one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to call our Curzon Street offices on 020 7351 5887. Alternatively you are welcome to email us at or fill out the form below.