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Environmental Policy

Quintessentially British Luxury Stationery – Handcrafted in England

Regarded as England’s leading specialist we produce high quality bespoke stationery for all occasions both personal and business requirements. Using a unique combination of traditional skills and modern technology to create the ultimate in bespoke stationery, The Wren Press is fully committed to the development of our staff for continuity of relationships and professionalism.

  • The Wren Press works closely with our suppliers through quarterly reviews ensuring that we minimise the environmental impact of the energy and materials that it uses. The Wren Press is FCS certified and will only use FSC products: The FSC label enables us to be confident that the papers we supply are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.
  • The Wren Press is fully compliant with ISO 14001 having achieved accreditation in 2011. The Wren Press welcomes its annual external audit and regular internal audit and testing takes place to ensure continued compliance.
  • The Wren Press is fully compliant with all legal and industry standard requirements for the prevention of pollution. Continued award of the Royal Warrants is wholly dependent upon demonstrable responsible attitude towards compliance across the board.
  • The Wren Press works to ensure that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. For example all toner bottles and ink cartridges are collected by our suppliers for recycling, all paper, packaging, bottles cans etc are all recycled through our management companies or independent recycling companies. All waste paper is reused in store for test runs, setting up and testing machines. We have recently introduced charging for packaging encouraging our clients to reuse the packaging where possible.
  • The Wren Press uses a small van for local deliveries;. We are committed to reducing our “tonnes CO2e” by 3% over the next 12 months. To ensure we hit our target we will ensure that each trip is a multi drop incurring fewer miles than is necessary. Local small orders will be delivered by our staff to our clients where possible.
  • The Wren Press has also committed to lowering its electricity usage by 5% over the next 12 months. We intend to hit this target by, replacing all light bulbs from T5’s to LED bulbs, turning off all lights, computers and printers when not in use.
  • As part of The Wren Press dedication to ensuring full compliance we willing engage with Carbon Smart to ensure we are appraised of the latest industry standard and requirements. The Wren Press aims to maintain the Gold Standard in Curzon Street and the Gold Standard at Bromley By Bow with Carbon Smart.

The action plan is being communicated to our staff and suppliers through use of our website, team meetings and posting on all notice boards throughout our offices. This is augmented with awareness training and the promotion of a responsible attitude toward sustainability by our Managing Director Elgin Loane who heads up our organisation and is fully committed to ensuring maximum environmental synergy and efficiency.

This environmental policy is published and displayed in our reception areas and on our website. A full annual review will take place with our partners from Carbon Smart. Quarterly action plan reviews will take place with the Operations Manager and the Managers of the centres.

Managing Director, The Wren Press 14th January 2019

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